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Welcome to Brandywine Bay

We’re pleased you have chosen to visit our web site…and if you are a new neighbor, welcome to the community – we’re glad you’re here.  New residents are invited to link to the Welcome Package shown at left.

Brandywine Bay is a 600-acre Master Planned Subdivision that started developing in the late 1970s. It is a Planned Unit Development (PUD) community consisting of several subdivisions and features a spectacular 18-hole Championship Golf Course, which was designed by PGA professional Bruce Devlin.

Brandywine Bay is situated on both sides of NC 24, just west of the Morehead City town limits.  Because we are located in an unincorporated area of Carteret County, residents pay county-levied taxes only.  Town of Morehead City ordinances do apply, however, because Brandywine Bay is located within the Morehead City Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).

On the north side of NC 24 is the entrance to the “Golf Side” of Brandywine Bay, which is where the Golf Course is situated.  The residential property extends to US 70 West, where a second entrance is located.  The Master Association that governs the “Golf Side” is the Brandywine Owners Association, Inc., commonly referred to as the BOA. 

Brandywine Bay Country Club with its golf course, swimming pool and tennis facilities is privately owned.  You must join the Country Club to use either the pool or the tennis facilities, however, the golf course is open to the public on a daily fee basis.

The “Sound Side” of Brandywine Bay is a separate community on the south side of NC 24.  Residents there have also have a homeowners association, which is known as Brandywine Bay Association, Inc., or the BBA.  The Marina is located in this area as well as a swimming pool and several tennis courts.  

The Marina is a separate association from the BBA or the BOA and is comprised of the 40 slip owners.  It is a private entity maintained solely by the Marina Association.  All Brandywine Bay residents have the opportunity to purchase or rent slips as they become available.  The Marina secretary maintains the waiting list to buy or rent.  The original slip owners have a 99-year lease for their slips.  As slips are “re-sold,” the new leases get whatever is remaining on the 99-year lease.  

Prices for slips range from $25,000 to $50,000 for new leases.  Renters are getting $150 to $200 per month for their slips.  The annual dues for slips are as follows: slip #1 20-foot width - $808; slips #2-18 15-foot width - $606; and slips #19-40 12-foot width - $484.80.

The Marina Association pays for dredging every two to three years to maintain a depth of around 5 feet at low tide.  In April 2006, the cost to dredge was $22,000.

In addition, the ramp is available to residents of Brandywine Bay for an annual fee of $500.  This fee is subject to change periodically by vote of the board of directors of the Marina Association.

The docks are restricted to the 40 slip owners only.  Parking is by permit and is restricted to the 40 slip owners and ramp fee paying participants.  Contact Don Layno, President,at 726-5414 or Betty Calloway, Secretary, at 240-4215.

Brandywine Bay also has a boat/trailer/RV storage yard located adjacent to the Village Green subdivision on NC 24.  The storage yard is owned equally by Brandywine Bay Association (50%) and Brandywine Owners Association (50%) and is available to all owners of residential property in Brandywine Bay on a first come first serve basis.  Each homeowners association is entitled to use 50% of the total spaces in the storage yard.  There is a sharing arrangement in place for vacant spaces.  For more information, contact the storage yard manager of your association.  Don Layno at 726-5414 for BBA members or Jerry Garner at 726-0842 for BOA members.