Brandywine Owners Association (the BOA) is the Master Association for all of Brandywine Bay located on the north side of NC 24, the “Golf Side,” extending to US 70 West. All residential property owners in this area are members of the Master Association.

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The BOA is composed of several different subdivisions that have been developed over the years that are governed by the Master Association’s Architectural Control Committee, (the ACC). These subdivisions include all of Section I (Map 1A, 1B, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4), Section II (Map lA and 1B), Oak Drive Extension, the Honours, Brandywine North, Chelsea Park, Chelsea Park North and the Tree Houses. Each of these subdivisions has its own set of restrictive covenants. Collectively, all of these subdivisions constitute the Master Association.

Several other subdivisions also have been developed in Brandywine over the last several years — Cedarwood Village, English Turn, Hammock Place, The Reserve, Reserve Green and Village Green. Each of these subdivisions has its own homeowners association with By Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Restrictive Covenants, a Board of Directors and an Architectural Control Committee…as well as its own dues structure.

Because all owners of property in these subdivisions are also members of the Master Association, the owners also pay dues to the BOA.

The fiscal year for the BOA runs from May 1 through April 30. Currently, the dues are set at $350 per year. Please refer to the other subdivisions for their dues structures. The dues paid to the Master Association cover such things as street maintenance and repair (all streets and their right of ways are owned, or will be owned at the completion of the subdivision, by the Master Association), drainage, street lighting, utilities, entrance gates, security gate phone lines, common areas, beautification, berm cutting, insurance, accounting, legal and miscellaneous. (These dues do not include membership in the Brandywine Bay Country Club.)

The BOA Board meets in executive session monthly, except in December when it does not meet. Meetings open to residents are held quarterly usually in February, May (the Annual Meeting), August, and November. Time and place is announced in the Sound Waves and on billboards the day of the meeting.

Board Members

PresidentTommy Ramirez804 Cedarwood Village919-809-0561Email
Vice PresidentAlex Russell513A Village Green Drive919-495-3233 Email
Treasurer Sandra Gahlinger920 Lord Granville Drive252-668-1070 (texts only)Email
Secretary Peter Ferrin 420 Oakmont Drive 315-986-9835Email
Director at LargeSusan Pike  252-622-4768Email

Latest Minutes

Minutes Archives

Articles of Incorporation

By Laws

  • Amended By Laws: 
    dated 5/19/2019. Updated By Laws.
  • Revised Dues Policy: 
    dated 10/30/2012. Document amends the dues policy of the sixth amendment of 7/1/2009 above.
  • Amendment (Seventh): 
    dated 7/1/2009. Document provides regulations for the use of shoulders and streets within Brandywine Bay.
  • Amendment (Sixth): 
    dated 7/1/2009. Document provides for the enforcement and collection of dues and assessments and compliance with the covenants.
  • Amendment (Fifth): 
    dated 12/27/2005. Document amends the second amendment above dated 12/03/1996 to conform with the North Carolina Planned Community Act (1998-199, s. 1), as amended in 2004.
  • Amendment (Fourth): 
    dated 04/07/1999. Document states that the annual meeting shall be held on the third or fourth Sunday in May, whichever is not a legal holiday.
  • Amendment (Third): 
    dated 08/28/1997. Document defines quorum as 50% of members entitled to vote. Also, changes the term of office from three (3) to two (2) years and staggers term so no more than three (3) people leave office at the same time.
  • Amendment (Second): 
    dated 12/02/1996. Document provides for a late payment fee of $20.00 to be collected for dues and assessments. Also, allows the ACC to charge a penalty of $150.00 per day for non-compliance of covenants.
  • Amendment (First): 
    dated 04/26/1987. Document directs the board to consist of five (5) rather than the original three (3) members. Also states that the nominating committee should nominate at least one more individual than there are positions to fill.
  • By-Laws of Brandywine Bay Association, Inc.:  
    dated September 9, 1980. Document is NOT recorded.