Brandywine Bay – Post Florence Update #3

Brandywine Bay – Post Florence Update #3


Hello again Brandywine!
Progress continues on cleaning up from this storm, although there is still a lot of work to do.  Here are the latest updates to keep you up to speed with what is going on.

1) Contracts have been agreed upon and debris hauling started today.  We haven’t set a drop dead date for when you can still haul things out to the side of the road, but hope to have that info for you tomorrow.  Again, it is each homeowner’s responsibility to clear debris from their own property and pile it at the side of the road.  The contractors will haul it away from there.  Please avoid piling things in the roads, as you have probably already noticed it is very congested out there as it is.  Also, please keep any non-yard waste like shingles, siding, etc. out of the debris piles or you risk your stuff not being hauled away.  Lastly, please do not bag your debris.

2) During cleanup, please refrain from driving any vehicles on the golf course, on the cart paths, or across the golf course bridges.  Not only do you risk causing significant damage to the golf course, but it is also extremely unsafe, as those roads and bridges are designed to handle golf carts, not trucks loaded with debris.

3). Please use extreme caution when driving or walking around the neighborhood.  Again, it is very tight out there, and there are lots of blind curves right now until debris starts getting hauled away.

More info to come tomorrow, but please be careful out there!

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