Brandywine Bay – Post Florence Updates #2

Brandywine Bay – Post Florence Updates #2

Hello again Brandywine,

For those who are not yet aware, it appears that power has be restored for most of the neighborhood.  If you do plan on returning anytime soon, please be aware that groceries, gas, and other services are still extremely limited throughout Carteret County, so please prepare accordingly before you come back.

According to their website, Waste Industries is looking to get back to their normal collection schedule this week, so hopefully that proves to be the case!

We are still working on arrangements for debris cleanup, and hope to have more news soon.  Just a reminder that each individual homeowner is responsible for cleaning up their own property and piling it along the side of the road, and the Board will make arrangements to have it picked up from there.  Please be sure to keep debris piles off the roads, as it is quite tight in there with all the cars and trucks in the neighborhood.

We will be back in touch tomorrow with more information!  Stay safe, and be careful traveling!

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