Gate Cards & Microclics

During the sale or leasing of your home, gate cards are normally transferred to the new resident by the previous owner/occupant or the realtor. Please contact Elizabeth Sheek at 704-450-7711 or [email protected] to register or activate your cards or to obtain entry cards if you have not received them.

If you wish to purchase additional cards or microclics (remote control devices) please contact Ann as well. At the present time cards cost $20.00 each and the microclics are $40.00 each.
The gates open at 5:30 AM and close at dusk.

It is very important that you do not tailgate a car ahead of you at the gate to gain entry. Doing this can cause damage to your car and to the gate system.

Should you have any questions about the gate system, Ann Webster will be happy to assist you.

Gate Entry Instructions

For residents:

Pass the card by the red light on the data board. This will allow the gate to open and you can then enter.

For guests:

When the gates are closed and guests arrive at either gate, they must scroll through the resident list at the gate to find your name. There will be a 3-digit code number next to your name. The guest will then enter your 3-digit code into the keypad. Your home or cell phone will ring automatically.

When you answer your phone and your guest is identified as someone you wish to come to your home, PRESS “9” firmly on your phone and the gate will open for your guest.

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