Cedarwood Village is a condominium community consisting of 60 units in 13 separate buildings. The village also has a community pool and clubhouse. The project is located at the intersection of Lord Granville Drive and Brandywine Blvd. Several units overlook the golf course. The project was developed over several years primarily during the 1980’s. There are four basic floor plans identified as A, B, C, and D plans although some units have modifications. There are 26 “A” Units, 10 “B” units, 10 “C” units, and 16 “D” units. The “A” units are end units and contain two bedrooms plus a loft with the master bedroom located on the first level. The “B” units are single story units that contain two bedrooms. The “C” units are two story three bedroom units with the master bedroom on the ground level. The “D” units are two story units with two bedrooms both on the second level. All units contain a one car garage.

The current dues structure in Cedarwood, effective 11/1/2022, ranges from $364 to $381 per month depending on the type of unit owned. This does not include the $375 dues paid to the Brandywine Owners Association per unit per year. The CWV dues cover common ground maintenance expenses, insurance, 400Mgps Internet service, internet modem and router, Bronze package cable television service, 3 HD cable boxes (one with DVR), pest control, garbage collection, pool, miscellaneous repair and maintenance, legal expense, accounting, postage and supplies, and a sinking fund for capital expenses. All exterior maintenance is the villages’ responsibility whereas all interior maintenance is the owners’ responsibility. The payment of the above mentioned dues does not include membership in the Brandywine Bay Country Club (BBCC) or the use of its facilities. The Brandywine Bay Golf Club must be joined separately.

All unit owners are members of the Cedarwood Village Owners Association, Inc. (CWVOA), as well as members of the Brandywine Owners Association, Inc., (BOA). Cedarwood Village is a stand alone community with its own Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. It has its own Board of Directors and, as such, is self governing. The CWVOA annual meeting is on the 2nd Saturday of January.

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