Brandywine Owners Association (the “BOA”) is the Master Association for all of Brandywine Bay located on the north side of Highway 24, the “Golf Side”, extending to Highway 70. All residential property owners in this area are members of the Master Association. The BOA is composed of several different subdivisions that have been developed over the years that are governed by the Master Association’s Architectural Control Committee, (the “ACC”). These subdivisions include all of Section I (Map 1A, 1B, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4), Section II (Map 1A and 1B), Oak Drive Extension, the Honours, Brandywine North, Chelsea Park, Chelsea Park North, and the Tree Houses. Each of these subdivisions has its own set of restrictive covenants. Collectively, all of these subdivisions compose the Master Association (BOA).

Several other subdivisions have also been developed in Brandywine over the last several years. All of these subdivisions are separate subdivisions within Brandywine but they have their own By Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Restrictive Covenants, and Board of Directors. All owners of property in these subdivisions are members of their respective homeowners associations and are also members of the Master Association. Each of thesesub divisions has its own Architectural Control Committee and its own dues structure. These subdivisions include Cedarwood Village, English Turn, Hammock Place, the Reserve, Reserve Green, and Village Green.

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Cedarwood Village EntranceEnglish Turn EntranceHammock Place EntranceReserve Green Entrance
The Reserve EntranceVillage Green Entrance

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