The Brandywine Bay Board of Directors (BOA) would like to welcome you to our community and are happy you chose Brandywine Bay for your new home. Please contact a member of the board if we can be can be of any help.

The community newspaper, Sound Waves, is published and put in your mailbox each month. The paper has good information of what is happening in the community and lists the current BOA board of directors’ names and phone numbers as well as names and phone numbers of committee chairmen. Should you need additional information, please feel free to contact one of the board members. If you do not receive a copy of the Sound Waves, please contact Ann Webster at 252-646-5586 or you may pick up a copy at the Brandywine Pro Shop or at Golf and Shore Properties.  The most recent Sound Waves is also available here on the website along with archived editions.

Our Brandywine Owners Association public meetings are held on a quarterly basis and residents are encouraged to attend these meetings and become involved in the community. Information regarding the community is presented and homeowners are given the opportunity to bring up issues that are a concern to them. is our web site and is kept current with information regarding events pertaining to the community. Our covenants are posted on the site and are enforced by the Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The actual covenants are recorded in the Carteret County Courthouse. If you want to review the actual legal document, the book and page number are provided on our web site. A condensed version of the covenants has been included in this welcome package.

There are six subdivisions within the Brandywine community who have their own covenants, board of directors and ACC. They are Hammock Place, English Turn, Reserve, Reserve Green, Cedarwood and Village Green.

Gate access cards or micro clickers are available from Elizabeth Sheeks at 704-450-7711 or [email protected].  If you received your access card or clicker from a former resident, please provide Elizabeth this information so she can update her database.

If you require boat or trailer storage, contact Jerry Garner, BOA Storage Yard chairperson, at 252-726-0842 to apply for a storage space.

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