Initially Sound Waves was a monthly newsletter that started in the 1980’s and was written and produced by community residents. It was a single mimeographed sheet that was distributed to each residence by the directors of the home owners association. As the Brandywine community grew from a few dozen households to several hundred the paper expanded and continued to be staffed by volunteers.
May 2024  Issue Sound Waves Archive
In 2002 the newsletter became a tabloid community newspaper published by Freedom Press in New Bern. The publisher had nearly a dozen area community newspapers under its control including the Sound Waves of Brandywine Bay and the Shoreline covering Pine Knoll Shores. The new format meant that the volunteer staff now had professional assistance in production of the paper and the addition of a community telephone directory

By 2010 Brandywine was largely completed as a development with nearly 2,000 residents and 900 homes. The original plan for a retirement community had long since been replaced by a diverse community of young working families, as well as, senior citizens. The Sound Waves had also changed dramatically and now often ran to 32 pages. During this time the paper was edited by BJ Ellyson who decided to pass the responsibility to a new editor in the fall of 2010.

In November 2010 Freedom Press, largely for financial reasons, notified the paper that they were ceasing publication of the Shoreline and Sound Waves as of the January 2011 issue. Fortunately, both papers were able to secure the Carteret Publishing Company, the publisher of the local paper the News-Times as a replacement.

Today, the Sound Waves is embarked on its fourth decade of existence and is looking forward to expanding its content and welcomes new thoughts, volunteers who are interested in writing, reporting, or otherwise contributing to its success. If you want to learn more drop us a line at [email protected]

Staff Members

Monica Sellars 252-648-0170 [email protected]
Steve Mock 252-726-0066 [email protected]
Marie Lawrence 252-241-8186 [email protected]


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