Questions and Answers

Brandywine has six subdivisions. If you are interested in purchasing a home or if you are interested in obtaining information, please contact the subdivision president. The presidents are listed in the Sound Wave on the website.

1. When do I pay BOA dues and why?

The Brandywine Owners’ Association dues are $375.00 annually and are paid to the BOA Treasurer. The dues’ invoices are mailed out to homeowners in early April and are due by May 1. Dues are used to maintain the common areas, fund street lighting, purchase liability insurance, address drainage issues, repair roadways, and other necessary expenses.

2. When I purchase a home in Brandywine Bay, am I automatically a member of the golf course?

No. The golf course is privately owned. You may purchase a membership to play golf and to belong to the pool. You may pay green fees and play at any time without being a member. Please see the web link to Brandywine Bay Golf Club for more information.

3. Who do I contact for a gate card or if I need another one?

Please contact Elizabeth Sheeks at 704-450-7711 or [email protected]. It is important that you notify Elizabeth if you have lost your card so that she can deactivate it; you will, then, have to purchase another gate card.

4. How do I contact Carolina Water? Duke Energy? Animal Control? Sheriff’s Office:

Carolina Water: 800-348-2383. You can also find the number in the BOA directory.
Street Light Outage: 800-419-6356
Animal Control: 252-728-8585
Sheriff Dept.: 252-726-1911

5. If I would like to volunteer to be on a committee, who should I contact?

Contact any board member. You can find their names and email addresses on the committee website.

6 .If I want to cut down a tree or paint my house, do I have to get permission from the Board?

You have to contact the Architectural Control Committee to obtain approval. Please see the website for the request forms you need to submit to the chairperson.

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